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Choosing Your Brand Colors So you’ve started your business and you’re not quite ready to hire a professional brand designer. You want your brand to look visually appealing and aren’t sure where to start with choosing the right colors. In this article, I’ll share tips about choosing your brand colors, understanding the emotions behind colors, […]


March 12, 2021

Choosing Brand Colors

Choosing Brand Colors. Photo of Melanie Latrelle Grandoit website on tablet and brand color palette
What's in a Brand - Visuals Voice Experience

What’s In a Brand?

What makes up a brand? Before starting my branding and web design business, I used to think a brand was a logo and a few colors. The more I served other entrepreneurs, I found out that it is so much more! If you’re a solopreneur, your brand starts with YOU! Who are you? Can you […]

January 12, 2021


If you’re open to getting a little personal with your target audience, it can help build your brand.  You don’t have to be an open book. You can begin with sharing your journey to starting your own business. Telling your story will allow people to connect with you and understand more about you. People love […]


June 28, 2020

Build Your Brand with Your Story

Melanie's Story with multiple pictures from her life.
How to craft your brand statement

How to Craft Your Brand Statement

Your brand statement is different from your vision or mission statements. All of these statements can complement each other, however, on your website you want to put your brand statement on the home page, preferably at the top of the page. Your brand statement will help people understand what your business offers and the benefit […]

June 12, 2020


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