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Where can you find free stock photography and free fonts? High-quality photos make for a great website. I highly recommend personalizing your website by including professional photos of yourself so your audience can connect with you. If you ever need additional photos for your website, blog, or social media, there are great stock photography websites […]

Web Design

August 12, 2020

Find Free Stock Photos and Fonts

photo of great stock photos
Feeling ignored by potential clients?

Feeling Ignored By Potential Clients?

How to connect with your audience so they will listen and buy what you’re selling.  Do you feel like you’ve done your best to showcase how great your business is and how you can help your customers? Maybe you have a lot of experience in your industry, a beautiful website, and a great product or […]

July 29, 2020

Brand Voice, Business

Create your Ideal Client Avatar Do you know your target audience for your brand? Your target audience includes people who value your products and services and will pay for them. You can identify people in your target audience by creating your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA). This is a profile of a single person who represents […]


July 12, 2020

Know Your Ideal Client

Find your target audience by creating your ideal client avatar.
Melanie's Story with multiple pictures from her life.

Build Your Brand with Your Story

If you’re open to getting a little personal with your target audience, it can help build your brand.  You don’t have to be an open book. You can begin with sharing your journey to starting your own business. Telling your story will allow people to connect with you and understand more about you. People love […]

June 28, 2020


Your brand statement is different from your vision or mission statements. All of these statements can complement each other, however, on your website you want to put your brand statement on the home page, preferably at the top of the page. Your brand statement will help people understand what your business offers and the benefit […]


June 12, 2020

How to Craft Your Brand Statement

How to craft your brand statement
Make sure your website is working for you and getting results!

Is Your Website Working for You or Against You?

What’s the purpose of having a website? You may hear people say there’s no need for a website and that you only need to use your free social media accounts. Social media is great for bringing awareness to your brand and your business, however, since you don’t own your social media accounts or followers, the […]

May 28, 2020

Business, Web Design

Ok, so what is this SEO you keep hearing about? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a fancy term for how your website gets found on the internet. When people search for your products, services, or business name, you want your website to appear on the first page results. You want your website to […]

Web Design

May 12, 2020

Why Your Website Has A Low SEO Ranking

Why your website has a low SEO ranking
Avoid These Business Mistakes

Avoid These Mistakes When Starting Your Business

10 Mistakes People Make When Starting a Business It’s funny because I never had intentions of becoming an entrepreneur even though I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. When I chose my college major in Computer Information Systems, it was because I liked computers and I thought I could make a lot of […]

April 28, 2020


1. Why do I want to start a business? What is your WHY? You want to always start with WHY. Do you want to make a difference in this world with your product or service or is your main focus to only make money? Making money should not be the only reason you want to […]


April 12, 2020

Before You Start Your Business, Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

Melanie Latrelle Grandoit wearing a spring dress and laughing.
From Employee to Entrepreneur. Melanie Latrelle Grandoit is sitting at her desk looking miserable as an employee. She looks happy and amazing as an entrepreneur. Part 2

From Employee to Entrepreneur (Part 2)

I Quit My Corporate Job Without a Career Plan (Part 2) Read Part 1 Before I quit my job, I came to the hurtful realization that I had other false gods or idols in my life. Wait, what?! Hush yo mouth! No way, I’m a Believer and I love God. Uh…well…my actions showed differently. God […]

March 28, 2020


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