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Your brand is how your business is identified by others. I can understand the challenges that business owners face when building their brand. Where do you start, what do you say, how do you sustain and thrive? How do you package your business and position it to your customers so they understand how you can help them?

In order to build a brand that your customers can trust, we will work together to define your visuals (logos, colors, website), your voice (how to speak the right message your audience connects with), and your customer experience (how to gain loyal customers and get referrals).

I will take you through a specific process and framework to get the results you expect -- a better online presence that articulates your business and the solutions you provide.


Have you ever imagined that your website can be like a
full-time employee working on your behalf 24/7? Your website is your online home that engages your visitors, clearly communicates what you offer, adds value, and turns visitors into paying clients.

Outdated websites without a clear message end up in lost sales. A results-driven website gets you the results you are looking for, whether it be to sell your services or let your voice be heard.

We will work together to strategically plan and design your website (on the Showit platform) to have style as well as streamline and organize your business processes.

web design

When we look at a photo, it can tell us so much. Within a moment, we can either connect or disconnect with a photo. Most people make a decision to stay on your website in less than 5 seconds and usually they are scrolling to look at the photos.

Photos can make or break your website. Do your current photos show your best self? Great photos compliment your brand and allow visitors to connect with you and your business.

We will work together to take professional photos of you that allow your best self to shine through.


What Others


"I couldn't focus on packaging everything. Melanie helped me to focus on what I wanted the result to look like and how it will accomplish my goal."

Dawnya Lindsey
life journey genealogy

I was unable to find or create something that represented my passion and me.

"Melanie has provided a spotlight on my company and what I can offer to others as a marketing communications leader. My favorite part about working with her was the process and homework of really thinking about how I wanted to present my story. Thanks Melanie!"

Melanie helped me with my story that can continue to live as I grow my consultancy.

Shirley Johnson
stage 1 public relations

Melanie did my photoshoot and captured my light and now I use my photos on my podcast, Youtube channel, LinkedIn and all social media platforms. Melanie is super fun, relaxed, and brings joy wherever she goes. People tell me all the time, "I love your pictures."

Ray Grand
Life Coach, Speaker, Author

I needed fresh new headshots that captured my personality.

My previous website was awful. I couldn't work with it, add to it, or change things on it. Melanie answered every single question, met every one of my needs, and buoyed me up to believing that I could make this work. Every interaction with Melanie was positive. Melanie tailored my site to precisely what I needed (rather than a one-size-fits-all approach).

Fran stewart
best-selling author &
memoirs mentor

My new site shows people who and what I am--
a big improvement over the previous one!

Is It Time For A

Custom Website?

Apply for Your New Website

Your current website is outdated, a bit dysfuctional, and doesn't do you or your business justice.

You are ready to make the investment in yourself and your business to take it to the next level.

You've attempted to do a DIY (do-it-yourself) website or website template and it didn't represent your brand well.

You're not looking for your custom website to be built in a day. You understand it takes time to build a great platform.

You need a website that works for you and brings the ideal clients you seek to serve.

You want more than just a pretty website. You want a functional and purposeful website that streamlines your business processes.

You are tired of trying to figure out how to build your website on your own and need help from an expert.

You want a website that speaks directly to your target audience and turns visitors into paying clients.

You aren't sure where to start to package and present your online presence.

Creating your own website takes too much of your time. You're already running your business full time and spending free time with your family.

You need the knowledge and confidence to effectively speak to your target audience.

You're still using photos of yourself from 5+ years ago and need new brand photography.



Custom Branding and custom Web Design

Custom Branding, CUSTOM WEB DESIGN, BRAND Photography


stage 1 public relations



Pick Your


Branding. Web design. photography

BRand Design

- Main Logo
- Alternate / Submark Logo
- Favicon
- Custom Color Palette
- Typography
- Mood Board
- Brand Style Guide

Digital Marketing

- Launch Day Digital Graphic for Social Media

BRand Design

- Main Logo
- Alternate / Submark Logo
- Favicon
- Custom Color Palette
- Typography
- Mood Board
- Brand Style Guide

Digital Marketing

- Launch Day Digital Graphic for Social Media

Web design

- Custom Showit Website up to 6 Pages
- Wordpress Blog Setup
- Mobile Friendly Website
- SEO Enhancements

Branded Photography

- 1 hour Photo Session (Up to 2 Outfit Changes)
- High Resolution Digital Images

also included

- Weekly Live Video Strategy Meetings
- Business Planning

also included

- Weekly Live Video Strategy Meetings
- Business Planning
- 30 Days of Support with Me After Launch Day

Apply for a New Website

timeline - 2 TO 4 weeks


Work With



Start Project


Fill out the application for a new Showit website so I can understand your needs better. I'll review your application, schedule a discovery call, and provide a quote.

Your project will follow a strategic plan and timeline. Each week we will meet virtually to collaborate and build your brand and website.

Launch week is an exciting time! Your new logo, custom website and photos are ready to showcase to the world. Get ready to enjoy your new online presence and business growth!


Apply for Your New Website




Frequently Asked

Which website platform do you design on?

What types of businesses do You work with?

Do you build websites for e-commerce businesses?

Do you require a deposit to start my project?

I design custom websites on the Showit platform. This platform is great because it allows me to create unique, one of a kind designs and they have a fantastic support team. Your blogs are created on Wordpress and integrate with your Showit website.

I work with service based businesses and personal brands. This includes life coaches, speakers, authors, designers, photographers, podcasters, consultants, fitness trainers, business coaches, and many more.

I most enjoy working with entrepreneurs who are invested in their business and committed full time.

At this time, I do not design e-commerce websites for product based businesses.

Yes, a minimum deposit of 25% is required to start your project. Once work begins on your project, you have the choice to pay in full or in 4 payment installments.

what are your prices for the branding packages?

Each project is custom and built according to your business needs. Contact me for a custom quote.

How will we communicate during my project?

Great question! We will have weekly video strategy meetings through Zoom (approximately 45 minutes to an hour per week). Each week we will discuss action items, collaborate ideas, review logos, webpages, and more. You will be involved in your project from start to finish. 

We will also communicate through email as well. It's important for us to communicate regularly so we both have a clear understanding and expectation about your project results.

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